Witchcliffe Ecovillage Frequently Asked Questions:

How much roof area does the system require?

Each panel is roughly 1m wide and 1.7m high. 

Not all of the panels need to be installed in the same area on the roof. In most cases we try and split the array into 2 zones facing east and west.

For a 5kw system we need to install 20 panels on the roof. We would try and install 2 rows of 10 panels.

For a 8.2kw system we need to install 34 panels on the roof. We would try and install 2 rows of 9 panels and 2 rows of 8 panels.

For a 10kw system we need to fit 40 panels on the roof. We would try and install 4 rows of 10 panels.


How do I include my solar system in my finance package?

Depending on your personal finance options we can provide you with a fixed price quotation which can then be submitted as part of your finance application. 

As the STC rebate value varies like the stock market we would use a value of $35 per certificate to ensure the system price does not increase higher than the quoted amount. Once the system has been installed we would then credit the customer at the current STC value which should be higher than $35. The current price is around $37 per certificate.


What orientation does the array require?

Depending on your house design and site orientation, you will either have the whole array facing north or alternatively we will have one half facing east and one half facing West.


Where is the inverter located?

In most circumstances the inverter will be located adjacent to your external meter box. It can however be almost installed any where. We like to ensure as a minimum is under an eve and protected from direct sunlight. 


What size system should I get?

As a rule of thumb, the roof area on the following lots will allow you to fit the retrospective size systems:

Groupie: 5kw

Cottage: 8.2kw/ 10kw

Family: 10kw

If you are building on a cottage or family lot you can install a smaller system if you desire, but the idea is to future proof your home to meet your energy consumption. Remembering  that you may own an electric car in the near future that could have a charger from 2.2kw up to 22kw depending on how quickly you want to charge it. It would be recommended to try and match your charging rate to your solar system size to maximise your self consumption during the day.


How is the system monitored?

All systems will have remote monitoring via the Fronius Solar web app, however this will be superseded by the WEV custom electricity billing application software that can capture all of the energy flows in each cluster.


Is there a mobile application for the system? 

Yes, the Fronius solar web application is available for all androids and iPhones. This allows you to monitor solar production and receive service notifications. However this will be superseded by the WEV custom electricity billing application software that can capture all of the energy flows in each cluster.

At what time of the build construction is the system installed?

Depending on your house construction your builder will be required to contact us at roughly the same stage as your house electrician so that we can install the cabling.


Timber frame: 

Once the timber frame walls are up, the tin roof is on and the external wall cladding is on. The solar equipment is required to be installed prior to the internal wall and ceiling linings.



Installed in the timber framework prior to the hemp being installed.


Rammed Earth: 

Conduits are required to be installed by the rammed earth contractor during the wall construction. 

How many panels does each system contain?

5kw system : 20 panels = 6.4kw array

8.2kw system: 34 panels = 10.88kw array

10kw system: 40 panels = 12.8kw array


Why is my array bigger than my Inverter?

In most cases all solar systems will have an oversized array for the inverter that it is connected to. This is to overcome any inefficiency that the system may have and ensure the inverter is operation at its maximum output for the longest time possible. 

If you are installing the 5kw system and it has a 6.4kw array it has a maximum usable output of 5kw.


What can you do now to future proof your home? 

We would recommend preparing your home for a car charger. This can easily be done during construction, but could be difficult after the house is built. We would recommend installing a conduit or 32 amp 3 phase circuit to an accessible location in your garage, along with data communication from your router. 


What are the payment terms?

Payment of 50% prior to materials being ordered and a second payment of 50% upon commissioning and job handover.


What are the specifications of the systems?

Please find the below specification sheets of the Fronius Symo inverters, Solarwatt Vision M60 320W panels, and Clenergy tin roof racking.